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About Us

I started drawing and painting when I was in the 7th grade at the age of 11. Walt Disney fascinated me and I wanted to bring that kind of joy to others. I was featured in the Palladium item along with another young lady for an art project the teacher thought I excelled at.  My passion escalated from there.  I continued to draw and paint throughout high school and received my first award for a pencil drawing in a local art show in Richmond, IN.  My teacher recommended me to various local business men, including Tom Raper of Raper's RV for whom I did a present commissioned by his wife of calligraphied bible verses.  I also did the original calligraphy signs for the Football Hall of Fame in Richmond as well.  I've done correspondence training with Art Instruction from Minneapolis, MN and watercolor classes with Jon Russell at Indiana University Kokomo.  I've been painting and drawing for the better part of 4 decades.

 In 2000, when my job with Star Financial Bank moved to Ft. Wayne, my husband and I decided to try to make a living with my art work.  When deciding what to call the business, I told him it had always been my dream to do my art for a living and now it's a reality - hence the name "from a dream to a reality" or from Dreams to Reality.  My goal in life and with this business is to be able to have a comfortable living from it while maintaining the highest quality when satisfying my customers.  When a customer asks for a special painting or that perfect embroidery for their gift or company, they can expect to get the very best possible representation of their vision.  If they want a hat, jacket, shirt or any other item that can be embroidered with their business logo, or their custom car, truck, motorcycle, or even pet, they can expect to get THEIR item, with THEIR paint job or THEIR pet's likeness, not just a similar rendition.  The same with a painting.  If you want your pet portrait done, when finished it will be your pet.  My goal when you see your finished product is to hear you say "Wow! That's exactly what I wanted! It looks just like my dog, cat, car, truck, whatever you requested!"  The Wow tells me I did my job.   Yes, I wish to get paid for my efforts, but the main payment is the Wow!  If you are happy, then I'm happy.  If you hesitate, I know something isn’t' right and I didn't do my job to your satisfaction.