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Alexandria, Indiana 46001
Ordering can be done over the phone or e-mail, but over
the phone must be done to complete the order to fine tune
the details.  A contract is written up, discussed by both
parties and signed for artwork.  Half the payment is due
prior to any work being done with remainder paid upon completion.
Embroidery orders must have the design fee paid in advance
as well as any clothing purchase orders.  The stitching fee
and shipping (if applicable) is paid upon completion of the order.
Etched glass orders are also written out in detail to insure
accuracy of the design.  The order is paid in advance for glass
and work.  Customer will be called upon completion of order.
PAINTINGS (size prior to framing)-
                8x10     $100.00
                9x12     $110.00
                11x14   $125.00
                14x18   $140.00
                16x20   $150.00
                18x24   $175.00
                Larger   $200.00 and up
FRAMING AND MATTING - cost of material which varies according to the frame type and size, glass or plexiglass,
backing and mat board.
                                            Cost of doing the work, $15.00 per frame

Frames are ordered after approval and payment, shipped to me and completed.
If frames are shipped to customers, shipping and handling fees are applied.
EMBROIDERY - Set-up fees - One time only start at $50.00 and go up to $100.00 depending on how complicated the design.

                          Cost of embroidery:  1-5 items              $1.00 per 1,000 stitches
                                                            6-10 items            $.85 per 1,000 stitches
                                                            10 or more items   $.75 per 1,000 stitches

All designs show a stitch count and can be priced immediately upon completion of the design.  Stitch count depends
upon the size of the pattern to be stitched. There is no additional fee to change design sizes.  Once the design is
completed, it is kept on file forever and only the stitching is paid for whenever you return for more stitching.

Changes to existing designs will be made for a small fee depending on the changes.  If the changes are not possible
without redoing the entire design, you will be told and original fees will apply.
ETCHING - cost of glassware plus the etching  Again, ANY picture can be etched into mirrors or frames, paperweights,
or any clear glass.  Some colored glass may also be used.

I have various wine glasses and drinking glasses available.  Mirrors or glass frames, paperweights, glass diamonds etc...
will be purchased upon request and to your specifications.
Pre-made designs           $ 5.00 each
Small custom designs     $10.00 each
Large custom designs    $ 25.00 and up
All Orders are Custom!!
Framing and matting is the cost of the frame, glass or plexiglass plus $15.00 to buy and cut the mat, place it
in the frame and lock it in place with the gun.  If a mat is cut for special occasions such as weddings or
graduation with multiple openings creating a collage, the cost is $35.00 which includes special calligraphy
pictures and wording to match the occasion.  Matting and frames are selected to best enhance the artwork
or picture it is framing.  Frames are also picked by the decor of the room in which it will hang.  Framing time
depends on whether the frame has to be ordered off the Internet or purchased at a store such as Hobby Lobby.  
I must have 1 month advance notice to do a collage with calligraphy.  Regular mat and frame time is 1-2 weeks.  
All payment for framing is done at the time of ordering.  No frame will be ordered unless payment is rendered.